Workforce and Procurement Track Sneak Peek

Workforce and Procurement Track Sneak Peek

In this track, learn how best to attract and retain court staff to support advancing technology and discover new approaches to procurement and implementation of new technology. Sessions will include: 

No Judge Left Behind: Technology Education for Judicial Officers

The bench is often the last population to learn that, as a result of technology, a court process is changing. Judges are rarely consulted regarding how the new technology impacts judicial officers’ ability to conduct court business comfortably, effectively, and efficiently. 

Over the last four to five years, Los Angeles courts have implemented significant technology innovations. The court has learned the value of judicial input and practical training—both  increase the likelihood of “buy-in.” Creating a “no judge will be left behind” environment is critical for success. Learn how managers and judicial officers in LA approached this important issue together.

Deliverable: Scenario-Based Court Tech Procurement

How does using Agile software development techniques improve court technology procurement? This session looks at methods to test a vendors’ ability to develop prototypes, understand the user experience, and looks at descriptions of solid scenario/user stories used for evaluating procurement.

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