Thank You and a Flashback

Thank You and a Flashback

Thanks to all of those who submitted ideas for CTC 2019’s education program. We’re excited to deliver the ideas, information, and strategies to put technology to work in our courts.

While we’re hard at work prepping for New Orleans this September, it’s useful to look back at what we learned back in Salt Lake City in 2017. Here are a few highlights that we wanted to share:

  • Keynote speakers touched on cybersecurity and the dark web, as well as the pros and cons of law enforcement wearing bodycams
  • In one of the top-rated sessions, the former Chief Judge of New York, Jonathan Lippman, discussed plans to close the jail on Rikers Island
  • The endnote speakers summarized the conference with their personal take-aways. Judge Sheila Hanson of Orange County, California, said: “Innovation is the number one area where judicial leadership is most important. . . we have to let the IT people be prepared to fail, and then move on.”

If you want to learn more about what took place at the last CTC–it will surely help you prepare for this year’s conference in New Orleans—check out this content summary, or take a look at this video

We will be back soon with more news on the CTC 2019 education program, so stay tuned!